SPUTNIK — YIDFF Reader 2017
Table of Contents
The Ongoing Recurrence of Radicalism and the Present | Hata Ayumi
As If We Were Children Seeing Cinema for the First Time | Ignacio Agüero
Will to Knowledge: Ex Libris: The New York Public Library; I Am Not Your Negro | Sato Yoshiaki
“Works of Mourning”: Examining Hara Kazuo and John Gianvito through the Works of Tsuchimoto Noriaki | Ishizaka Kenji
Pleasure and Responsibility of Seeing: Lone Existence; Another Year; Communion; Wake (Subic) | Abe Koji
The Decisive Result over the Meaning of “Bond” Six Years after Tragedy: The People Living in Hadenya and Tremorings of Hope | Miura Tetsuya
No Color Should Surpass Khaki?: A Memory in Khaki | Najib El Khash
Of Stones, Sacrifice, and Language: City of Jade by Midi Z | Chris Fujiwara
A Soul-Transporting Journey: Xu Xin’s A Yangtze Landscape | Yoshida Miwa
Life-sized Activism and Humorous Hell: To Bamseom Pirates With Love | Yamamoto Kanako
Living as a Filipino Immigrant in the U.S. | An Interview with Miko Revereza
Surviving Traces: Rubber Coated Steel | Tada Kaori
Imitation and the Beginning of Creation: The Films of Yamashiro Chikako | Okada Yumiko
Songzhuang and Film Festivals: Some Background on A Filmless Festival | Nakayama Hiroki
The Freewheelin’ Roxlee! | Philip Cheah
The Dance of the Factory: Tenryu-ku Okuryoke Osawa: Bessho Tea Factory | Aoyama Shinji
The Hand that Wrote Everything Visible Is Empty: The Traces Left by Matsumoto Toshio | Markus Nornes
The Eternal Idealist: In Memory of Takagi Ryutaro | Okada Hidenori
Testimony to an Unforgettable Era: Cuba, an African Odyssey | Ota Masakuni
A Perspective that Breaks the Chain of the Gospel: Jean-Marie Teno’s The Colonial Misunderstanding | Majima Ichiro
It’s Time For Africa! It’s Time to Dance! | James Catchpole
Discovery of the Filmmaker, Fredi M. Murer | Nishijima Norio
Fredi M. Murer and Yamagata | Horikoshi Kenzo
Pilgrimage illuminating the Darkness of Modern Middle-Eastern History: Richard Dindo’s Genet in Shatila | Ukai Satoshi
Memory is a Battle: Once Upon a Time in Beirut by Jocelyne Saab | Yomota Inuhiko
Unfolding Cinema: Towards the Third “Yamagata Rough Cut!” | Sakai Ko
The “Afterward” of the Mosaic | Ogawa Naoto
We Still Need Sato Makoto Today | Kiyota Maiko
Where Gazes Intersect: Gocho Shigeo’s and Sato Makoto’s Self and Others | Okabe Nobuyuki
A Place Where People and Things Connect Across Time and Space | Suzuki Nobuo
Memory of Food, Memory of Journey: Restaurants Evoking Modern Yamagata | Ishigooka Manabu
Yamagata Sansai Cooking | Sato Haruki
Renovate Yamagata through Film to Step into the World: YIDFF and Yamagata Creative City of Film | Kobayashi Mizuho