YIDFF Reader 2023 | No.5


SPUTNIK — YIDFF Reader 2023


  • Something Remains of the People Who Transit: The Bus Station | An Interview with Gustavo Fontán
  • Distance from the Battlefield: Eastern Front and Three Women | Abe Koji
  • I Can Hear Young Birds Flapping Their Wings: Above and Below the Ground; Losing Ground; and Journey of a Bird | Kawamoto Kanae
  • A Mother and Daughter’s Extended Journey: Parallel World | Wood Lin
  • The Poetry of Noda Shinkichi | Matsumoto Keiji
  • Cinematic Resonance with the World of Rokyoku: With Each Passing Breath | Aaron Gerow
  • Yamagata’s Rough Cut Brings Auteur Theory to New Level | Philip Cheah
  • An International Film Festival and a Local Magazine | Inoue Yoko