SPUTNIK — YIDFF Reader 2013
Table of Contents
Greetings to the YIDFF 2013 | Wang Bing, Wu Wenguang, Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Miracle of Communication | Fujioka Asako
[Jurors’ Voice] I Hope to Encounter the Powerful Energy of New Approaches and Themes | An Interview with Adachi Masao
[Jurors’ Voice] Let’s Create Reality | Jean-Pierre Limosin
[Perspectives on YIDFF 1] Turning the Camera on Opacity: Documentary that Recreates | Abe Koji
[Perspectives on YIDFF 2] Portrait of an Act Dramatically Revealed: Watching The Act of Killing | Asakura Kayoko
[Directos’ Voice 1] We Want (U) to Know: The Challenge of Participatory Filmmaking | Ella Pugliese
[Perspectives on YIDFF 3] Voices of Those Exiled from Their Homes: Documentaries for Reconsidering the World | Kumaoka Michiya
[Perspectives on YIDFF 4] Lines upon Lines: Cinema and Borders | Tanaka Ryosuke
[Directos’ Voice 2] When We Enter a Garden Called the Middle East, It’s Not Yet Full of Flowers … | An Interview with Avi Mograbi
“Cinema on Stage Performances” and Criticisms of Media | Akasaka Daisuke
Alicia’s Pupils: One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train and “Children Meet Cinema” | Dohi Etsuko
The Secret Pleasure of Trains | Sato Hiroaki
[Perspectives on YIDFF 5] Living My Life: Two Films Portraying Sexual Minorities | Ebata Koki
[Perspectives on YIDFF 6] Stories of a Distant Mother: Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell | Yasukawa Yuka
[Directos’ Voice 3] The Women Begin to Walk Before the Camera Once Again: Reality and Fantasy as Seen through Tour of Duty | An Interview with Kim Dong-ryung
[Perspectives on YIDFF 7] The Power of Narration and the Drive Toward Fiction: Sakai Ko and Hamaguchi Ryusuke’s Tohoku Documentary Trilogy | Yamane Sadao
The Seleciton Process for Yamagata | Inada Takaki
Making Films with What I Know | Takashi Toshiko
The History of Komian | Umeki Soichi
[Cinema in Southeast Asia, Now 1] Lav Diaz: Lifting the Veil on the Monster Filmmaker from the Philippines | Ishizaka Kenji
[Cinema in Southeast Asia, Now 2] Southeast Asia: A Reinvented Cinema | Philip Cheah
[Directors’ Voices extra] Clips from the French Newspapers on YOUNG YAKUZA
A Little Side Dish | Okuyama Shinichiro
[Filming Far-A] The Mosques of Tokyo | Amir Muhammad
[Filming Far-A] The Boy from Bucharest | Durian Sukegawa
[Retrospective on Chris Marker 1] The Woven Fabric of Time: In Praise of Chris Marker | Chiba Fumio
[Retrospective on Chris Marker 2] Chris Marker: A Moving Image Artist Who Kills Cinema | Kawai Masayuki
[Another Side of the “Arab Spring”] The Dilemma of Arab Media | Najib El Khash
Keywords for “Another Side of the ‘Arab Spring’”
[Cinema with Us 2013 1] I Chose Works that Had “Something” About Them | An Interview with Ogawa Naoto
[Cinema with Us 2013 2] A Place for Watching Together: On “Cinema with Us 2013” | Miura Testsuya
[Yamagata and Film 1] “To the Gentle Sound of the Movie Camera Turning, I Record Those Things that Give Meaning to My Life.” | An Interview with Kiyotaki Akira
[Yamagata and Film 2] Film Running Sideways: On “Gentô” Screenings | Okada Hidenori
The Loss of Fear: Festivals and Film | Saito Kenta
[Cinema, Ethics, and Critic 1] Cinema and Ethics: An Introduction | Saito Ayako
[Cinema, Ethics, and Critic 2] Ethics and the Film Festival | Abé Mark Nornes
[Cinema, Ethics, and Critic 3] Reality and its Contact Point: Criticism and Ethics | Kitakoji Takashi
[Cinema, Ethics, and Critic 4] Documentary Film Criticism Out of the Shadow | Chris Fujiwara
Where is Cinema Today?: The Yamagata Asahiza and the Minamisoma Asahiza | Yoshida Miwa