SPUTNIK — YIDFF Reader 2021


  • Inside and Outside of the Rectangular Screen | Hata Ayumi
  • The Pilgrims Find Their Way | Philip Cheah
  • Beyond a Sense of Interruption | Ogawa Naoto
  • What’s Lost, What’s Passed On: A Place Called Komian Club | Okuyama Shinichiro
  • Film Juries Are Not All the Same | Mark Schilling
  • A Bizarre and Disquieting Journey for Cattle: Her Name Was Europa | Kusakabe Katsuyoshi
  • Only Love: Miguel’s War | Yoshida Miwa
  • Yamagata, à la carte (1): Kaminohata-yaki Ware, Ginzan | Ishigooka Manabu
  • Drawing | Roxlee


  • The Land Becomes the Gun: Nuclear Family | Markus Nornes
  • Curiosity and Discoveries | Edwin
  • An Ethnography of a Family Called Camagroga and Their Land | Interview with Alfonso Amador
  • Listening to Women’s Voices: Night Shot and Broken | Atsumi Yoshiko
  • Yamagata, à la carte (2): The Fruit and Wine of Woody Farm & Winery | Inoue Yoko
  • For Nameless Fragments of History: Whiplash of the Dead | Iwatsuki Ayumi


  • These Women’s Media: This Stained Dawn, Writing With Fire, and Makeup Artist | Izuno Chita
  • Fear, Power and Fairy Tale—The Folk Memory 2020:Self-Portrait: Fairy Tale in 47 KM and Luo Luo’s Fear | Gao Ang
  • The Moroccan Art Scene of the Seventies Regained | Interview with Ali Essafi
  • Yamagata, à la carte (3): Candied Ume Plums by Kotobukiya Jukogura | Toda Takeshi
  • Cinema’s Reach | Jay Rosas
  • Gathering Place: The Playground Cafe BOX Initiative | Okuyama Shinichiro
  • Drawing | Roxlee


  • Coordinators: Looking for Ways of Being Together After the Great East Japan Earthquake | Miura Tetsuya
  • Memories of Occupation, Memories of a Lost City:The First 54 Years—An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation and Little
    Palestine, Diary of a Siege | Abe Koji
  • Language to Live Together | Interview with Nishino Madoka
  • Youth and Solitude | Interview with Claire Simon
  • 2021 and BYT | Maeda Shinjiro
  • Yamagata, à la carte (4): Fresh Noodles from Sakai Noodles | Suzuki Nobuo


  • Fear’s Place in Political Struggle: Inside the Red Brick Wall and Fear(less) and Dear | Cameron L. White
  • Without Averting Our Gaze From the Dying | Farida Pacha
  • Vietnam’s Exported Laborers: Behind The Lucky Woman and Dorm | Akiba Ako
  • A Signpost for the Journey to Come: Toward “Yamagata and Film” | Kuroki Aruji
  • Yamagata, à la carte (5): Okuyama Meriyasu Knitwear | Umeki Soichi
  • Children Before the Dawn: Notturno | Tanaka Shinpei
  • Fiction for Themselves: Notturno | Tanaka Ryosuke


  • “We’re Going to Be Mayor!”: City Hall | Yuki Hidetake
  • From Skepticism to Affirmation: City Hall | Chris Fujiwara
  • The Year of the (Re-)Discovery | Interview with Luis López Carrasco
  • Between Memory and Record, Between “Me” and the Public: Soup and Ideology | Ishizaka Kenji
  • A Simple Air of Wildness: Nude at Heart | Muto Daisuke
  • Yamagata, à la carte (6): Learning about Local Specialties from Local Mascots | Yoshino Michiko
  • Drawing | Roxlee