SPUTNIK — YIDFF Reader 2019
Table of Contents
A Self-Portrait through the Windows: Self-Portrait: Sphinx in 47KM and Self-Portrait: Window in 47KM|Yuki Hidetake
Records on the Borderline: Midnight Traveler, Transnistra, and The Crosses|Abe Koji
Listening to the Voices of the Dead: Wang Bing’s Dead Souls|Tsuchiya Masaaki
Small Town as System: Frederick Wiseman’s Monrovia, Indiana|Saito Ayako
Making a Comedy: So Yo-hen’s Hut|Yoshida Miwa
From the Bottom of Ordinary Life: Gassan Halwani’s Erased, __Ascent of the Invisible|Tada Kaori
Music Laden with Politics: Anatolian Trip and The Wandering Rock|Yamamoto Kanako
An Encounter between New Wave Cinema and Music: Pereira dos Santos and jobim|Ishigooka Manabu
Double Detachment: Listening to the Air and Double Layered Town / Making a Song to Replace Our Positions|Tomita Katsuya
Day of the Typhoon: Kusano Natsuka’s Domains|Togashi Shin
Introduction to a “Black Company”: Tsuchiya Tokachi’s An Ant Strikes Back|Takiguchi Katsunori
Awakening from Our Historical Amnesia to Our Common Imperial Ancestry|Manuel Yang
Those Left Behind: Island Soldier|Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner
Trajectory of Kanoon as a Platform for Modern Iranian Art|Shohreh Golparian
Kamran Shirdel, Smuggler of Realism|Jean-Michel Frodon
A Memory of Jonas Mesas with his Bolex|Koguchi Utako
Magnetic Tape Cinematheques: Chuck Norris vs Communism and The Master|Murderous Ink
Quiet Rebels: Talking About Trees|Inoue Furu
For Prospective Critiques of Bunka Eiga|Fujii Jinshi
Introduction to the New Taiwan Documentary|Chiu Kuei-fen
Genesis: The Northeast India AV Archive|Junisha Khongwir
Building a Bridge of Memory: The Future of Footage Archival|Umeki Soichi
On “Movie Theaters in Yamagata”|Narita Yuta
The Nostalgia of Kokeshi|Umeki Naomi
The Movie Capital: Thirty Years On|Kobayashi Mizuho
Tamura Masaki, a Remodeling Man|Suzuki Hitoshi