SPUTNIK — YIDFF Reader 2015
Table of Contents
Greetings to the YIDFF 2015 | Rithy Panh, Kidlat Tahimik
Seeds of Documentary in Yamagata | Hama Haruka
[Jurors’ Voices 1] Let’s Venture into an Unknown World | An Interview with Makino Takashi
[Reviews 1] Water, or the Absent Mirror | Abe Koji
[Reviews 2] Trembling Hands: Pedro Costa’s Horse Money | Suwa Nobuhiro
[Reviews 3] Humanity’s Time, Planetary Time: Patricio Guzmán’s The Pearl Button | Okubo Kiyoaki
[Directors’ Voices 1] Toto and His Sisters, with a Small Video Camera | An Interview with Alexander Nanau
[Reviews 4] In a Freely Agreed, Modest Place: On Us women . Them women | Takahashi Tomoyuki
[Reviews 5] Women’s Time: On Always and Again | Nishimura Shinya
Documentary as Experimental Cinema | Kaneko Yu
[Jurors’ Voices 1] I Started Filming in Sanrizuka | An Interview with Kawakami Koichi
[Directors’ Voices 2] Digging Bones out of the Ground: On O, Persecuted | An Interview with Basma Alsharif
[Directors’ Voices 3] From Visual Anthropology to the Third Eye | An Interview with Dipesh Kharel
[Reviews 6] Living across Two Languages: Viewing Anak Araw | Yoshida Miwa
Toward Solidarity with Sunflowers and Umbrellas | Lim Kah Wai
[Reviews 7] Visualizing Civilization’s Grave: Sasakubo Shin’s PYRAMID | Yano Yutaka
From Another Film Festival | EntreVues Belfort International Film Festival
[Introductions 1] My Conversations with Jorge Sanjinés: On the Occasion of the Program “Latinoamérica” | Ota Masakuni
[Introductions 2] Film About Memory, Film as Memory: Patricio Guzmán and the Chilean Coup d’État | Yanagihara Takaatsu
[Introductions 3] Gustavo Fontán: The Free Horizons of Sound and Image | Akasaka Daisuke
Tomi Lebrero: Prodigy of the Buenos Aires Independent Scene | Ishigooka Manabu
[Directors’ Voices 4] The Cinematic Age(s) of Matsumoto Toshio | An Interview with Tsutsui Takefumi
[Reviews 8] Record of a Performance: Cinéastes de notre temps: John Cassavetes | Hamaguchi Ryusuke
[Reviews 9] Where Does Truth Exist?: Robert Frank’s Me and My Brother | Kuraishi Shino
[Reviews 10] Refusing Names: The Search for Emak Bakia | Kakinami Ryosuke
[Introductions 4] Lab Laba-Laba: Edwin’s Recycling Factory | Ishizaka Kenji
Memories of a Building: What a Local Photo Studio Has Seen | Okazaki Aya
[Reviews 11] To This Day, Her Father Spoke About Revolution as Life: About Trip Along Exodus | Adachi Masao
Past and Future Stories of the Arab Peoples as Told by Three Names | Kato Hatsuyo
Documentary × The Japanese Art of Storytelling | Takarai Kinkan
[Introductions 5] How to Depict the Disaster? What to Depict from the Disaster? | Ogawa Naoto
[Introductions 6] “What Can Films Do?” — The Question’s 5th Year: A Look at “Cinema with Us 2015” | Miura Testsuya
[Introductions 7] Films of Love from Yamagata: Talking About “Cinema for Children” | Yoshida Miwa
[Introductions 8] The Magic Lantern Show as “Record”: Mobility in Social Movement Media | Toba Koji
What Postwar Yamagata’s Film Culture Engendered, and What Engendered its Film Culture | Takiguchi Katsunori
Endlessly-Evolving Sweets of Yamagata | Toda Takeshi
[Introductions 9] An Invitation to Contemporary Taiwan Documentary | Hsu Shih-Chia
[In Memorial] Anger and Acceptance: Otsu Koshiro’s Ceaseless Exploration of the Camera’s Moods | Miyata Masashi
[In Memorial] Kudo Mitsuru: The Man who Built Freedom | Okada Hidenori